Scissor Hands is expected to showcase its cloud-based cutting software at the International Graphic Arts Show

Scissor Hands is expected to showcase its cloud-based cutting software next week at the International Graphic Arts Show (IGAS) 2018. Held July 26th through the 31st in Tokyo Japan this year, professionals from the industries of printing can watch and participate in demonstrations of the award-winning automation software.
“Visitors of IGAS will see the latest features of Scissor Hands demonstrated at the Itotec Booth 2-5.” said Brett Heap, CEO of Opensoft Inc., who makes the Scissor Hands software solution. “Attendees will see the value in how Scissor Hands can handle a cutting job from beginning to end with a JDF file from the prepress imposition.”
This year, Itotec, an industry leader in large paper guillotine cutting machines, is again partnering up with Scissor Hands to provide the most advanced cutting system in the world. IGAS participants canbrowse the latest models in Itotec’s cutting lineup of easy-to-operate, precision machines as well assee how Scissor Hands fully automates the process.
“We are proud to partner with Itotec at IGAS again this year. With cutting, it is all about speed, accuracy and not losing any part of the job. Scissor Hands will improve these while at the same time reducing labor costs,” said Viktoria Vasileva, Product Manager of Scissor Hands. “Itotec’s robust line of premium, modern cutting machines coupled with the real artificial intelligence capabilities ofScissor Hands offer increased productivity with reduced costs and errors, resulting in huge time and energy savings.”
Scissor Hands has an easy to use interface, featuring onscreen animations that give cutter operators the detailed instructions to relieve potential bottlenecks on gang runs in the bindery. Training time consequently is reduced from weeks to hours. Scissor Hands programs the cutter, for even the most complex jobs, removing the need for manual calculations.
The Scissor Hands software will be demonstrated on Itotec’s latest eRC series of cutters during the six-day show. Scissor Hands and Itotec are looking forward to exhibiting these two great products in unison. Please visit and for more information about both products and be sure to check out booth’s #2-5 next week at Tokyo Big Sight (East Halls) in Tokyo, Japan.

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