Real Innovation Seekers: Scissorhands


Okay. With Scissorhands software, we automate cutters. We take the JDF in the PDF from your pre-press, we send the JDF up to the cloud and create a cut course that will then program your cutter. The PDF stays in your shop, so no one can ever see the image. It’s all secure. Then, one day we optimize, find the best cut course out of hundreds to cut this in the least amount of time.

We send that cut course back down, program the cutter and marry it with the PDF, and create an animation, so that your operator has to do no work, no measurements, no cutting, and no programming inside the cutter anymore. They just scan the barcode. Or, if you have the camera option, place the sheet inside the cutter the camera would detect, and find that job, create the cut course and program your cutter. With this scanner, simply scan the job. Oh, wait. Abort. With this scanner, simply scan the job. It will find that job, bring it up for you.

And now, now I just follow along and do whatever it says on the screen. So, I have to align it this way. I rotate it as it says. The animation shows what parts to throw away. It shows what parts to keep. It shows what you’re – When you log out the jobs, it will actually show where to place it on the log out table. And now, the screen has shown here to put these other two logs back in. These two go in together because they have the same cell size, different images but same cell size, and they can be cut together.

The other log had a different pattern and could not be cut with these two. It shows to what order to put them in, and if she puts them in that correct order, then when they’re done and they come off the cutter, we will create a print tag that has a barcode that could go on and back into your MIS system, and it will make sure that everything is correct and everything in the box, your MIS system knows. This here shows you all the cuts that we have programmed, the rotations to do.

You can go to any place in there and go back to the animation of that place, and start from there. So, if you ever had to interrupt a job, take this job off, set aside, break into it, do another job. You could come back to the place where you left off.

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